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Whole Chicken 10 pack

Whole Chicken 10 pack

Bundle Deal!

Save $0.50 /lb.
$4.50 /lb.
$5.00 /lb.
Avg. 48 lb.

Fill your chest freezer with whole chickens! 

These are the same pasture raised birds that we always offer but at a discount for a volume purchase. 

We actually recommend buying at least 20 birds because you can run out surprisingly quickly.

This is a family favorite! 

We love having a freezer full of whole chickens for easy meal planning! 

At least once per week we cook a whole chicken in the instant pot or rotisserie style in the air fryer. This provides the first dinner. 

Then we pull off whatever is left for chicken salad or white chicken chili. 

Finally, the frame is used to make delicious chicken stock. 

You wont buy chicken broth/stock at the grocery store again!

*Each chicken comes separately vacuum sealed