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Chicken Tenders (Boneless, Skinless)

Chicken Tenders (Boneless, Skinless)

$14.00 /lb.
Avg. 13.6 oz.

Easily a family favorite! Boneless, skinless, chicken tenders are a favorite for kids and adults alike. This is an easy choice as favorite, they thaw more quickly, they cook more quickly and it is a delicious cut. We substitute them for chicken breasts in many recipes. We also use them to make boneless wings or stir fry.

USDA inspected, Cornish Cross Broilers. Our birds are moved daily to fresh pasture (twice daily as they get larger). They are fed a high quality, locally milled, Non-GMO feed. Since our birds are raised on pasture, our growing season is April through November. We try to stockpile birds to last through the winter.

*Comes vacuum sealed 5-7 per package.